zombie drawings of the Simpsons

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Love and Peace

 The peace symbol, made of skulls,
the world would be so much better with more love,peace and skulls

satan's souls

Satan's soul 
original drawing for sale, you can check it out here

Illuminati hand

artwork from my Zombie Illuminati series

hand of fate
the controling hand of the Illuminati
all hail the dead world order
we control you
we own you
we are real and we run the world

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you will die but we shall live on

we are god

we are the government 

we are everything

the all seeing eye

artwork from my  Zombie Illuminati series
the all seeing eye
the hand sign  of the Illuminati
all hail the dead world order

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Gremlins in da ghetto

The gremlins sequel you've always wanted

GREMLINS IN DA GHETTO: poster from the direct to vhs 90s gremlin 2 sequel, once again the gremlins are back and throwing down on the streets, can Gizmo save the ghetto, stop his beloved community center from shutting down and get the babe? find out in this wicked adventure




triple Feature: 3 prints guaranteed to make any kitchen look delicious with these mouthwatering art prints 

CANNIBAL KITCHEN: our butcher uses only fresh meat straight from the bone.

BON APPETIT: preparing your food we have the sexiest chef, (Kiss the cook for free skin spring rolls.)

DINNER IS SEVERED: only the most appetizing food gets servered at our kitchen. its finger-biting good,

Three prints
Printed on A4 matt paper
Digitally printed by me
Illustrated by Alex Yates

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Zombie Portraiture


Pen Illustrated Zombified portrait commission
hand drawn with digital colour

Black and White version 

colour version



2017 Alternative card
A Killer Christmas

you can download a free printable version here

Planet Earth 3

The world we once knew is no more...

What was once a heavenly land is now a post-apocalyptic hell inhabited by weird mutated creatures and cyborg tv personalities 

Join David Attenborough 1000 years in the future as he explores this world and comes face to face with some of the most deadly and wonderful new animals this future earth has to offer.

Planet Earth 3
A5 in size
16 pages
self published
black and white (colour cover)
Illustrated by Alex Yates and Harry Griffin-Hayes 
narrated by Sir David Attenborough

Facial explosion

An eruption of flesh, bone and gore ripped from the skull 

Pen Illustration 2017
A4 on bristol board


part of my satanic nun sluts series
the satanic slut doing what she does best and loves it! 
original drawing for sale

Illustrated with pen and ink on 250 gsm bristol board paper
6x8 drawing mounted with an a4 frame

Disclaimer: No nuns were harms in the making of this piece of art


introducing my zombie simpsons art book
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zombified drawings of the simpson family
black and white
a5 in sizes
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poster from the unofficial Russian gremlin remake (1985)
When an outbreak of gremlins terrorizes the soviet capital the world is brought to the brink of nuclear war. Only Gizmo and Bylov Peltzov can save the world

zombie alien

Story Idea:

1947: An alien spaceship crashes in Roswell, the wreckage and a dead body of an alien being is transported to a near by military base.  The body and ship is examined by the best scientists America has to offer but the damage from the crash is to great to learn from it's technology.
to understand the alien technology one scientist insists the only way to do so is directly from the alien itself. Using experimental techniques from his time during the war he is able to resurrect the alien corpse. The dead body comes back to life becomes violent and begins to attack scientists partaking in the experiment,  The base goes into quarantine as the chaos ignites… to be continued… probably  


The Box Troll:  A mythological being that dwell in warehouses and other box filled areas and are considered  dangerous to human beings.  


Red Dragons

vulture pentagram

Alternative pentagram design 

the dead throne

The King is Dead

Long live the King

Game of Thrones
the Night King of Westeros 


Illustrations by Alex Yates

A collection of skull drawings I've done In recent times brought together in a art book
20 pages
A5 in size
black and white
contains adult content
you can buy a copy here