The ichthys

An alternative/dark version of the ichthys
aka. the Jesus fish

pop culture poop

front cover

A zine full of shitty drawings of the greatest characters of all time.

A4 in size
14 pages
Black n white with a colour front cover

we got all your favourites. Including:
Homar simpsun
Micky maust
Jesus?... No? No Jesus, we couldn't get the rights to him.
And probably more in there somewhere

Here are a few quotes from famous people about the zine.

"A must have for fans of stuff" bob dylon 

" I like cartoons" David Beckham

"Its terrible, I'm not in it. Dont buy, not good." Donald Trump

you can buy a copy from my store here

rotten teeth

A few drawings from my wierd teeth series. you can check out the zine here

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feral pikachu

This furry lil electro friend has been infected and turned feral.
the only option left is to take lil yella out back and put a bullet in between it's black soulless eyes.
this portrait captures the last moment in it's little subservient life before it is blown into bloody pieces.....
but take comfort in knowing the hell it goes to will feel like heaven after a long lifetime of electronic cockfighting
original for sale here


A little book of smiles to cheer up your day

10 pages of weird teeth
black and white
a6 in size
you can buy it here

Film night pages


preview of the pages from Film Night, a book filled with fake movie posters
you can buy a copy from here

Revenge of the nun

The Zebrahead Killer

Blood ocean


Gremlin in da ghetto 


Attack of the trees

Canal monster


A Killer Christmas

Transacula: the transgender vampire

The Canal Monster

A poster from my Film Night book. 

Something lurks in the canals?
 Something hideous? 
Something hungry for flesh?
What can this monster be? Where did it come from? 
Who will it kill next?

The canal monster is a 1953 British black-and-white 3D monster horror movie Based on rumours surrounding a monster in the Birmingham canals.

The story follows a group of marine biologists studying the monster, determined to uncover the truth but they get more then the bargained for when the monster endangers their work and their lives.

skull logo


A page from Film Night, a book filled with fake movie posters from around the world

Set in a Tehran, Iran, in the near future the story follows Sheikh Suliman Shah, who after a long battle with Parkinson's disease transforms himself into a cyborg. 
But  his former friend Ayatollah Ahmed,  fearing his new found immortality places a price on his robotic head.

iSheikh combines sci-fi action with politics with themes of  authoritarianism, capitalism, and religion.
Although banned in the U.S for being anti-American the film was a smash hit in the middle east and gained 4 sequels and a spin-off TV series.

you can buy Film night and all my other stuff here


A page from Film Night, a zine filled with fake movie posters/vhs covers

Mother nature is pissed!!! 
when humanity goes to far 
the only choice she has left is to fight back.

The film follows a group of demolition contractors trapped in the forrest they were sent to tear down.
One by one they get violently mutilated and desmenbered by the forces within the forrest.

this movie is a treat for both gore whores
and tree huggers.
with its unsubtle eco-friendly message,
it’s torture porn for environmentalists.

 Made inasociation with the wildlife trust.

This fall.... the trees will leaf no one alive!!!
you can check out Film Night here

The Zebrahead Killer

A page from my Film Night zine

A small village in east Africa is stalked by a hidden figure.
Is it man, beast or something worse? 
As the body count rises the mystery of the zebrahead killer unravels into a disturbing climax.
Africa’s first slasher movie.
undoubtedly The bloodiest film to come out of the continent. 
It that has spawned 15 sequels and is banned in over 26 countries.
Western audiences have yet to fear the wrath of the zebrahead killer.... Until now.

you can check out the book here


Throw up your horns
Its time to rock the fuck out
original drawing available here

Revenge of the nun

A custom VHS cover for 80's revenge exploitation movie "REVENGE OF THE NUN"
featured in my new art book FILM NIGHT

When Sister Mary witnesses horrific acts done a by the priest in her parish, the Church must silence her. She is murdered and left to rot in a
By the power of God she is resurrected and her quest for vengeance begins

Film Night Pages

A few pages from Film Night my new zine featuring fake film posters/covers done in a retro style 
11 films
24 pages
a5 size

Revenge of the nun

The Zebrahead Killer



The cover of my new zine Film Night.

A new book featuring posters/covers from the BEST movies you've never seen...

11 fillm
24 pages
a5 size
full colour

films include:
Blood Ocean
Gremlins in da ghetto
Attack of the trees
revenge of the nun
Canal monster
beware the boxtroll
Killer Christmas
the Zebrahead Killer
transacula: the transgender vampire

you can check it out here

Heart parasite

An infected Heart
 Anatomy drawing

This parasite cocoons the heart, metastasising itself through the blood and throughout the body

a collection of anatomy illustrations of the infected body.
A self published zine
10 pages of human parasite infections